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BPIR Foundation knows that the community comes first, and it is important to develop programs in various ways to reach and support our communities.  We accomplish our goals by developing partnerships locally, regionally and nationally.

Our programs are as follows:


HISTORICAL EDUCATION - We educate our audiences on the history of the Black West, recreate characters to tell the stories of the untold and forgotten heroes and legends. We also connect the community with the current cowboys and cowgirls to preserve history and inspire future generations


  • HEALTH & WELLNESS – BPIRF understands that the African America community suffers most from preventable illnesses and diseases. We connect our community to the available resources for better health outcomes and improved quality of life.

We support and participate with following initiatives:

  • Breast and Prostate Cancer
  • Domestic/Community Violence Prevention
  • Mental Health
    • Partnership with the Black Beauty & Wellness Foundation to provide information, resources, and access to help for women and girls
    • Brothers Can We Talk Project - Partnership with Anti-Violence Ventures to create safe places for men to talk about mental and physical health and wellness, and community violence


The BPIR Foundation values its rodeo participates. It is important that the foundation supports the members of the BPIR and their families. We strengthen and build our rodeo culture through targets initiatives such as:

  • Training and Development Programs
  • Grants
  • Scholarships

Rodeo for Kidz Sake

Opera/Jazz for Kidz Sake

Young Men Self Awareness Project


The challenges and complexities of life today are greater than at any time in human history. The structural framework of families, communities, and our nation have deteriorated and must be rebuilt to ensure significant opportunities for our younger generations to succeed. We all need to take part in that rebuilding process! This is not a right we have; it is a responsibility. Rebuilding strong families, communities and our nation won’t be easy, but for most of us, life has never been easy.

  • Rodeo for Kidz Sake
  • Opera/Jazz for Kidz Sake
  • Young Men Self Awareness Project


The BPMSF gives opportunities for students to experience the excitement of the rodeo while learning about the history and contributions of the African American Cowboy and Cowgirl and their impact on the American West.  Though our scholarship program, we have award funds to deserving students in cities with the traveling rodeo is presented.By providing financial support to deserving students furthering their higher education goals, we help them follow their dreams and one day change the world.