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Rodeo For Kidz Sake

Rodeo for Kidz Sake The “Cowboy mystique” has a strong influence in all our lives, beginning with childhood and continuing throughout adulthood. The Rodeo for Kidz Sake is an exciting and educational opportunity for your students to experience the mystiques of the rodeo through our Black Cowboys and Cowgirls.

This rodeo highlights the many unique contributions the Black Cowboy and Cowgirl made to the American West and contributions that pioneered the sport of rodeos. We provide opportunities for inner-city kids to experience the black cowboy and cowgirl through our Rodeo for Kidz Sake programs. Currently these special rodeos are held in: Denver Colorado, Memphis Tennessee and Washington DC/Maryland. We honor our Black Cowboys and Cowgirls.

Rodeo for Kidz Sake Activity Book

The Rodeo for Kidz Sake Activity Booklet can be used in the classroom or as a homework learning
tool. In the booklet, teachers will find activities aligned with the Common Core State Standards.
These activities will help with introducing students to the subjects of the rodeo and its African
American West history.

The Activity Booklet was developed by the staff of the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo Association. To
learn more about the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo and how it can help you link the past, present,
and future through a variety of educational and entertaining programs, visit billpickettrodeo.
com or call the rodeo office at (303) 373-1246 program information.