• Mission: To advance values-driven philanthropy.
  • Vision: Provide thriving support to the communities we serve.
  • Values: Generosity, kindness, compassion, empathy, equity, inclusion, diversity,

In April 2022, Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo Foundation (BPIRf) released its new strategic plan that will guide our path forward. In addition to providing scholarships, event grants and academic book stipends, the Foundation will contribute funds to achieving our 5-year vision. 


  • Secure funding to continue the BPIR traveling museum and to develop a permanent location to preserve the history of the only national touring African America rodeo in the world.
  • Advancing equity, inclusion, and diversity through our supporting BPIR, and areas we support under our 501(c) (3).
  • Create and develop new initiatives and advance existing educational, health and wellness programs. 
  • Create various educational and training programs for our African America cowboys/cowgirls and the communities in which their live.

In addition to the impact goals above, the plan includes organizational actions/task that will position us to execute our strategies.


Our objective is to work with communities to understand and address underlying problems utilizing our resources. 

  • Strengthen our Board Leadership, corporate partnerships and community relationships
  • Enhance our capacity to provide a variety of funding support. 
      • Arts & Recreation
      • Communications & Technology
      • Staff and infrastructure development
      • Training and Development Programs
      • Agriculture, Animal Science and STEM Programs
      • Small Nonprofits Support
      • Empowering Families
  • Greater alignment to support the legacy of the American West. 
  • Maintain our relevance, impact and strategic alliances

Why Should I Support the BPIR Foundation? 

  • We support underserved cowboys and cowgirls.  
  • We are a small nonprofit affecting change with a national reach.
  • To continue the legacy and heritage of the African American West
  • Preserve the rich history of the Bill Pickett Invitation al Rodeo. 
  • We support other diverse and inclusive organizations. 
  • Your donation will allow us to expand our current programs and create new ones
  • The BPIR is built around Equity, Inclusion, Diversity – leadership, staff, performers, and volunteers. 
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